Tuesday, 19 May 2015



This brief was different in the sense that I was only placing the images within a layout for Natalie, and working with feedback from not only Natalie herself, but from her tutors and crit groups regarding the project. Even so, Natalie and I worked really well together, communicating throughout. Three variations of the zine were produced, each being more developed with the feedback – the third was the final design to go ahead to be printed.

Natalie was really happy with the outcome, as was I. I felt I really tried to use the images to their potential and follow a logical and structural layout to showcase these at their best.

Through development also, the outcome went from being bright, bold and colourful to minimal, simple and focused on the imagery as a whole, opposed to details within it, adding to the emotion, story and context behind the photographs.

Even though I have worked with my own photography in regards to publications and zines throughout the year, I felt there was much more pressure designing a zine for a photography student using their photographs. I was confident in my design and ideas as pushed throughout, however weren’t sure at first how these would be received. I also thought it could also be quite difficult at times however, the brief went very smoothly from start to finish.

I was also working to a deadline that added pressure, however with Natalie also being very organized this wasn’t an issue at all, and everything was completed and signed off with good time.

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