Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Even though the actual deliverables of this brief were so basic and minimal, the brief as a whole wasn’t easy to complete due to my client being very slow with feedback and responses to emails. At times I also felt that my client was unsure of what she wanted herself, meaning the design process for myself was much harder and more prolonged than expected.

I have worked with clients Internationally before, and have at times had problems with time differences which I do believe was also a problem, however good communication via email and text message were kept throughout the project.

Receiving feedback allowed for the project to develop, and for me to gain a better understanding of my clients likes and dislikes, however again at times was confusing and unclear. In the end though, the brief came to a close with a happy client. When working with clients I always take this as an opportunity to learn about different audiences, different ways of working, talking and dealing with people, as well as developing and learning new skills depending on the subject and task at hand. This was the same with this brief, taking on board feedback, comments and ideas throughout in order to design the perfect outcome.

I also learnt put some of my new found skills into practice, that I have learnt at my placement in regards to art working and file formats. As these will be printed abroad, I needed to ensure the files were ready to send to print, as well as to use digitally were needed, so therefore all files were artworked checking bleed, crop marks, file size, dpi, etc., whilst ensuring each file was sent in 4 different formats to use dependent on the end use and final outcome.

I also had to do some basic research into producing a document that my client could edit herself and use on her iPad as a pricelist. This was eventually resolved using Publisher, as I had to work around my client not having the Adobe suite. Therefore an editable PDF was created. However, designing the price list on Publisher proved difficult not having the creative freedom that one has with Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

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