Tuesday, 19 May 2015


With this brief, I wanted to showcase the increase of controversial fashion photography seen on a day-to-day basis, online, in magazines such as Vogue and i-D, as well as on billboards.

I took this brief as an opportunity to delve into my interests of Fashion and related issues to that of COP, for example, the controversial topic of eating disorders, and their associative campaigns to either promote or negate them. I also wanted to use and show a range of skills, in order to produce a substantial publication with both interesting content and context.

By using photography and body copy throughout my editorial design and layout skills were once again use and developed, whilst allow myself to be more confident in using colour, design features and a variation of typography with this sort of brief/publication.

Even though I have worked quite a lot with photography and editorial design this year, I found this was a brief were I could tie many interests and skills together.

I felt with this publication I could take a risk, and produce something with a striking cover that will either be loved or hated – however, that is often the subliminal intention of fashion photography, which then leads to being a talking point.

In regards to photographing the book itself, I experimented for a while with different coloured backgrounds and backdrops to really give the pages, layout and photography the impact and high-quality finish it deserved. With the pages being so white and crisp, I found block colours didn’t emphasize the high-quality bind and finish of the book, nor do the contents justice. After a while, and deciding to try taking a photograph of it against a wooden floor, being inspired by chipboard, I found this really gave the content and images the impact they deserved.

I am really happy with the outcome, and feel even though the book has serious content, my design style and the influences of both my personal and professional practice shine through the layout and design aesthetics, lifting the tone of voice.

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